Tips For Strength Gains

Today I’m gonna give you 3 quick tips you can apply if your strength gains in the gym have stagnated. Gaining strength is a fundamental aspect of building muscle. On the training side of things it’s the most important baseline factor to pay attention to, and if your performance in the gym is plateaued you can be pretty much certain that something in your program is off and that your muscle gains will have plateaued along with it as well.

So let’s just get into it, I’m just gonna go over each point briefly and more of a rapid style fashion. I’m not gonna go super in-depth on each one, so you can treat this as more like a checklist,just to give you some ideas of where you might be going wrong. So tip number one, first and foremost, is to be patient and maintain a realistic outlook on things.

A lot of people might think they’ve had a strength plateau when in reality they’re actually still gaining strength at a perfectly reasonable pace. Remember that strength gains and muscle gains are both a very gradual process, they also slowed down the longer you’ve been training, and even just performing one extra rep with the same weight on a given lift from week to week it’s still very good progress and will add up quite a bit when you start stacking it up over the long term.

So don’t expect your strength to go up by leaps and bounds every time you go into the gym. This is a marathon, it’s a grind and it’s about the long term accumulation of very small improvements. Tip number two is, to be very detailed and diligent when it comes to tracking your workout performance. Because those strength increases happen so slowly and they’re often measured in terms of individual reps, you need to maintain a written record of each session if you want to progress as efficiently as possible, otherwise it’s very easy to just end up running in circles.

So write down the exercises you did, the weight you used on the reps you performed, and then aim to gradually build on those numbers over time. Don’t just try to keep it all in your head. Having objective workout logs is gonna hold you accountable so that every time you go into the gym you know exactly what you did last time and exactly what you need to do this time in order to improve. This is such an important point and on its own will have a huge impact on how effectively you’re able to progress over the long term.

So be precise with your tracking. Tip number three, on the nutritional side, if your strength gains have stagnated then one very simple thing you might need to do is to just bump your calories up slightly. Remember that as you’re lifting more and more weight, gaining more and more muscle, your body needs additional calories not only to maintain what you’ve built but also to make further increases with Ligandrol.

So if your strength is plateaued, your body weight on the scale hasn’t changed at allover the past week or two, sometimes a small increase of 100 to 150 calories per day is all you’re gonna need in order to get things moving again.

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